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The characteristics of KDY™
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Micro-emulsion Technology

 Technology Introduction:It makes the system an O/W(oil in water)type homogeneous system by efficient emulsifier and co-emulsifier.The technology features as follows:1.different  from the oil system by clogging the gap between the non-woven fabrics,strong wetting ability,the micro-emulsion particles adhere to the fibers does not affect penetration;2.large number of functional components can be solubilized to obtain the best effect,sustained release,effect mild persistent,so that consumers can get the most comfortable feeling.

Application products: Beishute Tea Oxygen Sanitary,Beishute Refreshing Sanitary,New Feeling Cypress Cool Sanitary.

Application range: Spray on the surface layer.

Application benefit:Cool feeling sanitary have been the mass-market product in recent years.Most of sanitary manufactors’ve been launched this series products.Also easier to control the production process.

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