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 Technology Introduction:Select polyhenols as main raw material,the complexation reactions between the phenolic hydroxyl in polyphenols’s molecular and the main functional groups in odor molecular,such as amino,sulfhydryl and carboxyl,can transformed into new biodegradable material.During this processor,the source of odor can be completly eradicated.Characterizations and functions:1.The powder that added in the inner layer of the sanitary napkin is produced by microcapsule slow-release technology.It can directly interact with the odor molecules of menstrual blood,and eliminate the peculiar smell quickly.2.It also has the function of antibacterial.3. Process requirements is simple.

Application products: Beishute Tea Oxygen Sanitary, Suzhou Orient Mia Girls Sanitary.

Application range: put composite chip(water absorbent paper or composite chip) Under surface layer of sanitary(diaper) or put the powder in absorber of sanitary(diaper).

Application benefit:the product of Tea Polyphenols Deodorize quitely easier to give publicity to consumer than any other functional product,also can do the demonstration with consumer lively. After market investigation,it’s better that Tea Polyphenols product has been used with other light spice products.

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