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The characteristics of KDY™
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Chitosan Antibacterial

     Technology Introduction:Amino,the effective group of chitosan can complex react with bacterial cell membrane lipid-ptotein,made protein denaturation,change the permeability of cell membranes or form a negatively changed environment with bacterial cell wall to chitosan damaged the integrity of bacterial cell wall or cell wall tends to dissolve until cell death.

    Application products: Beishute Self-purification Sanitary, Qingyitang Days Sanitary,Baken Little White trouser Diaper.

    Application range:Under surface layer of sanitary(diaper).

    Application benefit:Make the added value of products to increase through simple pre-emulsion technology,also can satisfy the different demands of consumers.Compared with spray technology,it’s more stable and has no influence on workshop.

     Equipment:Use the machine,self-created,to daub the antibacterial liquid on non-woven fabric equably,above 90%

antibacterial rate.



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