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The characteristics of KDYTM
The characteristics of KDY™
The characteristics of KDY™
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The characteristics of KDY™

The characteristics of KDY™ nonwoven fabric materials:
  The effective nonwoven fabric bacteriostasis reagent was developed by modern pharmacy technics with crude antibacterial agents---chitosan. By leaching or spraying technics different standards nonwoven fabrics were disposed with the reagent to form a kind of natural antibacterial nonwoven fabric materials. The product adopted advanced Feelling technology. After disposing the moisture retention and moisture permeability of nonwoven fabric was increased greatly, which prevented the skin hypersusceptibility led by chemistry element or friction. After being disposed by chitosan draping property of the nonwoven fabric increased, crease resistance strengthened,and antistatic property formed. The effective and safe GMTR antimicrobial combined with fiber by hydrogen bond,which made the antibacterial rate of the disposed product up to above 99%. So the pollution was prevented in the course of traffic and store. And the request of performance was met in the use of product.

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