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The characteristics of KDYTM
The characteristics of KDY™
The characteristics of KDY™
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The characteristics of KDY™

The characteristics of KDY™ functional dust-free paper materials:
  The disposal and unprocessed crude wood fiber was used in the product. Combined with pulp air-lay process and electrostatic accumulation technics, in the course of formation SAP and KDY™ functional powder were blown into wood fiber or added one by one. Lastly pulp, fiber, powder and so on assembled on the web curtain to form a new kind of composite product. The product not only had good softness, draping property,high absorbance speed, water retaining capacity and high tensile strength but also had smooth and exquisite surface. What was more, it had no dust and hair. The product had the functions of “weak acid,bacteriostasis,removing odor and so on ” by adding KDY™functional powder. According to the clients, request, the thickness and rigidity could be controlled to realize the quality. The product was innocuous and did not bring pollution. Additionally crude fiber and degradable functional materials were used in the product. So it could be applied in the fields of sanitary towel, coating materials,baby diaper and so forth and accorded with environment protection and the development plan of country.

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