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The characteristics of KDY™
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Enzyme Technology

 Technology Introduction: Enzyme complex chip is added to enzyme particles of enzymes,used the KDY Technology  to put the enzyme particles on the materials.It can disintegrate the harmful substances to make clean space.Also there is starch in the enzyme particles which can come into being glucose,then becomes to be pyruvic acid which can make weak acid environment to balaence itself.

Application range: Coating layer, diversion layer, absorbing layer as chip.

Application prospect:The products of enzyme have been very popular in East Asia, Southeast Asia,Hongkong and Taiwan.Many consumers love enzyme food,enzyme drink because of healthy function. Under this background,since 2014 some enterprises start to develop the enzyme products that hope to get more benefit.Finally,in 2015 we successfully developped out the enzyme material as powder,at the same time,start to cooperate with some enterprises to develop out the products of enzyme which can sell to many consumers.

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