About Us

  Brief introduction of company
Tianjin ZhongKeJian New material Technology Co.,Ltd.
endeavors to supply the settlement methods for the disposable hygiene products companies with upgrading the raw materials to increase the products performance and additional value. The company with 3000 square meters modern workshop, leading team and self-contained equipments is located in Tianjin Dongli Development Zone Enterprise Incubator and is a scientific corporation cognized by government firstly in 2010.
     We realize the idea of “green, health, safety, environment protection” by the innovation technology and develop the Kedi functional materials by adding the crude functional ingredients in the limited range, which elevate the comfort degree in use and settle the health problem.
     With “simpleness, practicality and outstanding function” as our development idea, the Kedi functional materials are accepted gradually by vast clients. And we have written more than ten country patents based on them, which relate to SAP, dust-free paper, composite absorbent paper, flowing layer,non-woven fabric,casting film,packing bag, production and after-process.    
     For the KDY functional materials, ISO9001 is obeyed strictly from development and production. The quality pledge is always supplied to clients by controlling every input and output steps.
The aim of company
We increase ourselves and clients, value with professional quality and service.
We make our clients’ products value increase and endeavor to become the first choice for clients.  


Our Advantages

"private custom"for our customers,ensure product quality ,strict materials testing,strong technical support.

Business Goals

Enhance ourselves and customers value by our professional quality and service.

Add value for customer's products by our innovative performance to become the customer's first choice.

Corporation Mission 

Developing a new product,healing a class of people.



The new champion in functional health materials


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Address:No.58 Wuwei Road,DongLi Development District,Tianjin Technical Support:pls